virtual reality
Why following hypes will waste your time and money? No better way to explain than with the Gartner Hype Cycle.
holiday marketing
So much cheer, so little time! Do you know how to stand out from your competition this holiday? Read here! 
SEO blog post
Everyone wants traffic and sales and reaches for SEO. However, will this be the solution to all of the problems?
startup business
Regardless of how amazing the service or product may be, obstacles and challenges are inevitable for startups. Overcome them first! 
UTM Campaign blog-post
UTM_Campaign, we have been through so much together, but life is steering us in different directions. Can we be friends?
mobile device UX
You want to enhance the conversion rate. So, let us ask how is your user experience doing on mobile devices?
content marketing strategy
Wondering about a clever and impactful content marketing strategy for your business? We will define the main actors of this role.
growth hacker
Have you heard about growth hacking? It’s talking a great deal, but we want to call things as they are. 
“So, what does JMR stand for?” people ask us. Well, what’s actually more interesting, is the choice for “digital marketing”.

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