ATW – Social Media

ATW is a Brazil-based group company, owner of 10 delivery-only fast food restaurants in 315 locations worldwide, featuring diverse cuisines and specialties. Of their array of restaurants, the most well-known is the fried chicken franchise N1 Chicken, followed by the classic Julius’ hot dogs and Gringo’s burgers and wings.

The Challenge

With the arrival of all three restaurants to the sunny coasts of Portugal, and giving special attention to the cities of Porto and Oeiras, ATW relied on INTO.JMR* – a powerhouse project born from fusion – to be in charge of their overall social media presence within the country.
Our main challenge was to create and nurture three specific social media pages representative of each of the restaurants while giving each one a chance to showcase their products and their adjacent “personalities” and locations.

Our Approach

1 – Merge all pre-existing/location-based social media profiles into one, allowing all followers to be redirected toward one specific profile alone*;

2 – Define an ideal persona that embodies each restaurant’s personality;

3 – Develop a unique TOV for each of the featured accounts;

4 – Create different post “types” for each account (product, quotes, puns, etc…), accordingly to each “personality”;

5 – Design different templates for each “post type”;

6 – Develop a content calendar for each of the accounts;

      6.1 – Nurture such calendar with innovative creatives and copy descriptions;

      6.2 – Incorporate the Portuguese identity and tradition onto the majority of the posts;

      6.3 – Celebrate the culture of the cities of Oeiras and Braga, where the restaurants are;

7 – Hashtag research and implementation;

8 – Social media calendar planning and scheduling.

*By focusing all followers into one account, we would originate a bigger general following, instead of having three smaller accounts with fewer followers each. This strategy was explicitly curated in order to impulse the brand’s growth overall and create traction across social media.

Results of Our Work

Once all accounts had been established and posting became regular as per the scheduling, all three restaurants faced outstanding growth. Generally speaking, posts reached a new average of 500 likes each, representing a 96% increase. Monthly visits and post shares reached numbers as high as 2,053 and 670, respectively, with the number of followers equally increasing by around 63%. Such growth on social media also translated into a significant increase in sales, since the brand’s presence became more dominant and relevant in the designated cities and regions. 


The alliance between the creative agency IN.TO and the performance fuelled JMR Digital, INTO.JMR was born in 2020. This project combines creativity, innovation, technology, and performance while promising to start an incredible metamorphosis within the marketing world, revolutionizing the preconceived image of an agency.