ATW is a Brazil based group company, owner of a fair number of the most well known delivery-only restaurants in the country, featuring diverse cuisines and specialties. Of their vast array of restaurants, the most well-known, and therefore considered the “mother brand”, is the fried chicken chainN1 Chicken, followed by the classicJulius hot dogs andGringo’s burgers and wings.

The Challenge

Upon the arrival of ATW to the cities of Oeiras and Braga in Portugal, they relied on INTO.JMR* – a powerhouse project born from fusion – to create and develop two digital Outdoors that not only celebrated its arrival, as well as the culture and traditions of the two cities themselves. 

Our main challenge quickly became how to represent these different restaurants and cuisines in the same 10 second digital outdoor, while giving each one the opportunity to showcase their products.

Our Approach

1 – Research the cities of Braga and Oeiras, in order to find a strong theme for each of them, honouring their culture and rich background;

2 – Create an illustrated universe embodying all three restaurants, while balancing the aesthetics of each of the displayed products;

3 – Vectorise the selected product as well as the monuments representative of each of the cities;

4 – Create the artwork and 10 second animation for each outdoor, keeping in mind all restaurant logos and delivery apps in which they are featured;

5 – Implement both digital outdoors in their respective locations. 

Results of Our Work

The installation of both digital outdoors in the cities of Oeiras and Braga created instant great results for ATW. Not only did the company witness a huge growth in orders and sales, but all restaurants also noticed an increase in the number of followers and interactions on across platforms. 


From the alliance between the creative mastermind agency IN.TO and the performance fuelled JMR Digital, INTO.JMR was born in 2020. This project combines creativity, innovation, technology and performance, all while promising to start a great metamorphosis within the marketing world, revolutionising the already preconceived image of what an agency actually is.