Concepts Digital – Conversion Tracking

Concepts Digital Marketing is an exclusive marketing and production company, based out of Texas, that specializes in Youtube Ads through a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, in order to provide its clients with real quantifiable Growth.

The challenge

Upon realizing  the need to acquire a better conversion tracking system for their business, Concepts Digital Marketing turned to JMR Digital for guidance and advice, as well as the entire implementation process of the chosen new system.

Our goal was to implement conversion tracking within the Google Ads platform in order to assist Concepts Digital Marketing make better and smarter media buying decisions, according to the tracking results.

Results of our work

After the successful implementation of the new tracking system across platforms such as Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft, Concepts Digital Marketing was able to take full advantage of the provided data in order to make quality and fundamental decisions at a much faster pace.

At points, I wasn't sure if a couple of tasks would be possible to achieve, but JMR was able to figure out a solution every single time.
Joe Anthony
Owner & CEO