World Merit is a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom, supporting  100,000+ young activists that are tackling social issues worldwide.

The organization contacted JMR Digital to help with their social media and content marketing strategy. We were able to assist World Merit with their content marketing production and planning processes to fulfil their marketing goals. This was a pro-bono project as we aim to boost the excellent work that non-profit organizations are doing. Our aim was to provide great marketing resources so it’s easier to fundraise and recruit volunteers.

The Challenge

The Challenge

The challenge was to centralize the editorial process between the worldwide stakeholders and content contributors. There was also a need to define a content marketing strategybefore launching the new website. This would have to result in driving relevant traffic to the website, meeting World Merit’s branding & business goals.

Our Approach

1 -Audit: Web Content, SEO &  Social Media

2 -
Competitor's research

3 -
Assess Branding goals: brand awareness

4 -
Assess Business goals: fundraising & volunteers sign-up

5 -
SEO & content scan  

6 -
Content Strategy integrating World Merit’s international contributors as brand advocates

7 -
Implement editorial process for planning & distribution

8 -
Distribution strategy: Instagram, Blog

9 -
Set up accurate reporting

Results of Our Work

In 2 months, JMR helped World Merit to crystallize their communication across all online touchpoints. We created relevant content to reach the interest and conversion of the two target audiences : 1.Sponsors (Fundraising) 2.Volunteers (new sign-ups).

Together, we efficiently structured and simplified World Merit’s content marketing strategy. To do so, JMR automated the content production process using standard procedures and tools such as Asana (project management tool) and Hootsuite (social media automation tool).

This resulted in a more clear and consistent communication – across World Merit’s website and blog – as well as the publication of 2 posts per week on HQ’s Instagram account, aligned with the 50+ local Instagram accounts.

The automation and centralization of the editorial process allowed to drastically reduce the time consumption for the marketing manager and her team, by getting ahead of the content planning with one month in advance.