Flexizone is a community of entrepreneurs spread across 3 cities and 11 locations in the Netherlands, dedicated to the creation of great working environments. They combine their outstanding creativity with services such as offices, workshop rooms, and spacious storage. These multifunctional options allow every business developer to find the right fit for their company while getting the most out of multiple networking possibilities.

The challenge

As part of Flexizone’s strategy to be top of mind in the Netherlands, and recognized as the first choice for business and storage spaces, INTO.JMR’s* main goal was to come up with a creative concept that would reflect the flexibility of their several business locations across the country, as well as the multitude of services and networking possibilities they offer, all while increasing the volume of qualified leads.

Our approach

1 – Idealization of our “You Go Here” concept, flexible enough to accommodate all business requirements and to be rolled out across all social media platforms;

2 – Division of our main concept into 3 smaller ones, each representing a specific social media channel:

2.1 – “YOU” stood for Facebook, where we created a more graphic approach, where content became personalized in its entirety;

2.2 – “GO” represented Instagram through a more lively and active design, characterized by a noticeable sense of movement filled with heavy photography, bold graphics, and strong font pairings;

2.3 – “HERE” embodied the essence of Linkedin with cleaner creatives in order to fit in with a more professional universe, while addressing all benefits and important points entrepreneurs look for when creating/expanding a business;

3 – Development of a content calendar for all social media platforms, according to the established concept(s).

Results of our work

After the campaign was fully approved, work culminated in the production of creatives for each respective digital marketing platform. All creatives embodied the networking energy Flexizone aims to portray, along with their countless available services.

Through the representation of the endless industries and businesses that can profit from partnering with Flexizone, we built the idea of a community-based “neighborhood” where everyone belongs and has a place to grow and tell their own story while contributing to the “bigger picture” of an evolving world.


From the alliance between the creative mastermind agency IN.TO and the performance fuelled JMR Digital, INTO.JMR was born in 2020. This project combines creativity, innovation, technology, and performance, all while promising to start a great metamorphosis within the marketing world, revolutionizing the already preconceived image of what an agency actually is.