ISTANI – Packaging

Istani is a New York-based/Pakistan-inspired eco-conscious lifestyle brand, full of wonderful storiesand intricate traditions. Istani celebrates the heritage of what it truly means to live between lands. The e-commerce brand creates a platform to showcase indigenous talent and history, inspired by a diversity of cultures and the curious joy of being human.

The Challenge

After going through a successful rebranding process (full case study on our website), Istani quickly became a reference for Indigenous culture, especially thanks to the Consciously You movement, developed specifically for the brand’s relaunch.

With the brand being almost exclusively available online, and once the new image was implemented across all platforms, it was time for us to develop a new packaging option for all orders that embodied the brand’s adventurous and cultural essence while remaining equally eco-conscious and more sustainable.

Our approach

The packaging embodies simplicity to its fullest, representing the sustainable side of the brand from the actual chosen material to its visual approach.

We opted for a full take on kraft, which appeals to the eco-consciousness around Istani. The full version of the logo appears in all its glory, creating harmony between the texture of the box and the brand’s signature font.

The kraft hues combine perfectly with the brand’s color palette, allowing the logo and signature to pop out. All the earthy tones are complemented by the brand’s stickers, through which we dive into a universe of world travelers and cultural stories. These stickers, filled with motivational and inspirational quotes, were carefully portrayed as travel stamps and work as a patchwork element of the memories brought by different cultures to the new world.

Results of our work

The resulting packaging incorporates a sense of simplicity, diversity, and culture, which are representative of the brand’s values and intentions. The fully recyclable packaging sustains the eco-consciousness concern behind the brand, while the stickers, filled with short motivational quotes, appear as a complement to each order, motivating each customer to embrace the joy of a lifetime and their true essence.