ISTANI – Rebranding

Istani is a New York-based/Pakistan-inspired eco-conscious lifestyle brand, full of wonderful stories and intricate traditions. Istani celebrates the heritage of what it truly means to live between lands. The e-commerce brand creates a platform to showcase indigenous talent and history, inspired by a diversity of cultures and the curious joy of being human.

The Challenge

Initially, our intention was to build and develop a strategy aiming towards an enriched and sustainable client database. However, after conducting a sprint zero*, we decided to take a few steps back in our approach.

We concluded that the biggest challenges for ISTANI were getting more traffic and increasing the conversion rate on the shopify store. A prerequisite would be to roll out a rebranding and content strategy across social media platforms, Shopify and even Klaviyo emails, therefore making the brand justice.

By recreating the brand to its core and aesthetics, we would be able to bring forward ISTANI’S ongoing sense of tradition, while showing the world what it truly means to be uniquely wonderful.

* discovery phase where we analyze your marketing data & technology infrastructure. Based on that outcome, we outline marketing funnels & propose the best strategy to achieve the desired business goals

Our Approach

1 – Develop the brand’s signature “Consciously You”, as a life motto for those not afraid of celebrating who they are and where they come from, at any given time

2 – Opting for Didot and Montserrat as both primary and complementary fonts, combining rich serifs and poise lines and creating the perfect balance between tradition and evolution

3 – Design complementary curves and detailing between serifs, allowing letters to flow easily and thoughtfully in a unique manner

4 – Develop a logo embodying the meticulous art of Ajrak wood print techniques not only through the previously altered serifs but also the meticulous balance between wonderful lines and dots,

5 – Define a color palette, product of the harmony of the deep and warm Pakistan terracotta tones and the lively and fresh mint greens and blues from the New York skylines

6 – Develop new packaging and merchandising elements according to the brand’s new aesthetics

7 – Rewrite the website’s copy, along with story-packed product descriptions

8 – Create an editorial calendar aligned with the outcome of the complete rebranding

9 – Implement this new identity across all pieces and platforms, creating a new Istani universe

10 – Create and develop ISTANI’s “New Beginnings” launch campaign, celebrating this new reborn identity, and spreading it through all platforms and social media outlets.

Results of Our Work

With this structured and well-reflected rebranding, we were able to bring forward, in every line, every thread and every print, a part of a culture deserving of recognition and attention. Step by step and piece by piece, Istani will now give a voice to those worth listening to.

This new identity, along with our “New Beginnings” campaign, – now implemented across all brand platforms – will bring consistency throughout all online touchpoints and become a fundamental part of the brand’s customer journey.

Like previously mentioned, this is the first step towards our initial database goal and potential increase in brand recognition and sales, soon to be seen.

I like the boutique feel of JMR. I felt like they really took the time to understand my brand, my goals, and we worked together to come up with a plan that worked for us both.” – Tehmina Brohi, Founder of ISTANI

An Award-winning Project

Upon its official release, this rebranding was awarded Best Design in the Rebranding category at the prestiged Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade, an international festival based in Portugal that celebrates creativity and innovation at its fullest.