Pinterest Mastery – Marketing Automation

Pinterest Mastery is a consulting agency based in the Netherlands, purely focused on Pinterest marketing and e-commerce. Their main goal is to help brands and entrepreneurs scale their businesses through Pinterest ads.

The challenge

When faced with the need to set up WordPress automations for their pre-existing marketing funnels, Pinterest Mastery relied on JMR Digital – thanks to our skills and expertise in the automation field – to be a part of this project.

Our main goal was to ensure all setups were functional according to the client’s needs and with no ongoing maintenance issues

Results of our work

By the end of this project, our team managed to develop a successful automation in WordPress that helped the client onboarding more customers at a faster pace (2x faster), allowing for more satisfied customers and partners, and a better communication flow

Whenever I needed something they were always available and fixed any problem super fast!
Thomas Mulder