Progress Lab – Window Vinyl

Progress Lab is a personal training studio created by Pedro Teles and located in the city of Gaia, Portugal. In this studio, Pedro Teles offers individual guidance, personalized training programs, coaching, and nutrition counseling both in person and through his online platform. His methods are a combination of his fitness expertise, scientific data analysis, high-performance workouts, and structured nutrition plans.

The challenge

After a successful rebranding and restructuring process, it was finally time to implement the brand across the front window of the physical studio space located in the city of Gaia, Portugal.

With this goal in mind, JMR had to create a graphic option that would not only represent the brand’s new identity but also provide 100% privacy to those working out inside the infrastructure.

Our approach

After receiving the exact measurements of the five window spaces to be filled (one larger and four smaller), we created a background image that embodied the fitness universe of the brand (represented by the dumbbells) and allowed for a constant feeling of privacy thanks to its opacity and dark background.

Once all selected images were resized to fit all five spaces, we implemented the required contact and schedule details (phone number, social media handles, and direct QR code) and complementary information.

The results

This project resulted in an outstanding window design that not only provided extreme privacy and comfort for those on the inside but was also the perfect representation of the brand’s new identity. The fitness elements embody the brand’s universe, and the presence of both logos (long-form and emblem) transforms the brand into a full statement in the world of fitness. The presence of all forms of contact information and social media platforms is crucial for passersby who might gain an interest in the studio.

Thanks to this installation, Progress Lab will catch the eye of many and increase its client database, bringing performance training to everyone.