Schoonenberg Hoorsupport is the market leader in hearing solutions in TheNetherlands for over 90 years. Due to the unfortunate circumstances caused by the Coronavirus, Schoonenberg was forced to close their 160 stores or workby appointment-only. 

Existing clients weren’t able to come to the stores to purchase cleaning and maintenance products or batteries for their hearing aid. To continue to serve their clients, Schoonenberg turned to JMR Digital to provide a fast and smart e-commerce solution.

We needed a webshop and we needed it fast. Thanks to the flexibility of the JMR team and the Shopify platform, the shop was delivered in a matter of days and we could continue to supply our customers with the service they require.

Remy da Thesta, Online Manager Schoonenberg Hoorsupport

The Challenge

The Challenge

The main requirement for the Schoonenberg webshop was that it had to be built quickly. The shop needed to integrate with a PSP as well as Schoonenberg’s fulfillment partner. It also had to provide a way for stores to order products for clients who were still entitled to free batteries and other products, and send invoices to customers who paid for their purchases.

Our Approach

Our Approach

1 -For the sake of speed, we used a Shopify instance to build the webshop

2 -Selected Mollie as a Payment Service Provider (PSP)

3 -Installed, configured and tested several Shopify Apps to adhere to the additional requirements

Results of Our Work

Within a matter of days, we managed to deliver a fully functional webshop, adhering to Schoonenberg brand guidelines, filled with the relevant products and content. This way, Schoonenberg was able to continue to service their clients. 

In order to support iDeal transactions and hide the credit card payment method from the webshop’s checkout, we created a Mollie account for Schoonenberg.

To allow stores to place free orders with clients entitled to free products and shipping, we used the Discount Ninja app to create a specific “stacked discount” code for each shop.

With a simple automation in Microsoft Power Automate, we helped the Schoonenberg marketing to send a mail to each store with their unique code and usage instructions.

For automated, incremental exports, scheduled at a fixed time on weekdays-only, we used the EZ Exporter app.

In order to provide invoices for customer purchases that Schoonenberg's clients were entitled to, we set-up the Sufio-Automatic Invoices app.

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