Schoonenberg is a well-known, long-standing brand with the most extensive range of hearing aids in the Netherlands. Certainly, the company has a well-established Marketing & Content Strategy; however, their team struggled with managing their large network of content producers, publishing and preserving all the projects up-to-date and in sync. To tackle this, Schoonenberg asked JMR to help automate communications, content production and publishing.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Generate an up-to-speed content distribution, while managing its producers. Develop an effective project management strategy for maintaining consistent content flow thus structuring the editorial process. Give visibility to the online projects within the department, as well as provide transparency by integrating the Online Content Calendar with Above the line Marketing Calendar.

Our Approach

Our Approach

1 -Ensure all content placed across Schoonenberg-owned digital channels was aligned with the Schoonenberg retail marketing calendar.

2 -Automate the editorial process and centralize supplier management (planning, production & publishing)

3 - Manage Stakeholders:  2 bloggers, 1 vlogger, social media agency, 3 copywriters,  influencers;

4 - Construct segmented content (interest per customer journey stage)

5 -Build and connect audiences to content categories

6 - Implement content retargeting tactics, from blog visits to Facebook ads 

7 -Perform end-to-end tracking & reporting

Results of Our Work

In three months time, the publishing calendar was up to date and allowed Schoonenberg's team to schedule content up to two months in advance. Consequently, it was possible to publish 4 to 5 posts per week on the website's blog, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube account.

Automation and centralization of the editorial process allowed to drastically reduce the time consumption of Schoonenberg Online team and increased suppliers’ response time. 

Accurate reporting resulted in more insights for the management, allowing to measure the success of content (from click-to-in store-sale).

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