Sennheiser & WOH – Email Design

Schoonenberg is a well-known and fast-growing hearing aid specialist and part of the Sonova Group. This global leader in innovative hearing care offers customized hearing solutions across more than 160 stores in the Netherlands, and often partners with worldwide known brands in several actions and campaigns, such as Sennheiser.

The Challenge

As part of their 2022 Black Friday campaign, both brands released a collaboration in which each customer would receive a free pair of Sennheiser earbuds when purchasing one of the brand’s headphones

Our challenge was to adapt the pre-existing direct mail campaign and translate it into an email campaign within 2 weeks while creating a cutting-edge campaign dedicated to this promotion, merging both Schoonenberg and Sennheiser universes while representing both featured products.

Our Approach

1 – Set and define our primary target audience (younger than the usual Schoonenberg target audience);

2 – Adapt the design of the pre-existing print campaign;

3 – Define a new and refreshed color palette, based on this new target audience;

4 – Provide a fun and upbeat look and feel to the newsletter, reminiscent of the musical Sennheiser through the placement of bubbly and flowy  graphic elements;

5 – Apply all email design best practices and UX/UI techniques for an optimized user experience;

6 – Graphically highlight all important featured information and special pricing offers;

7 – Respect the optimal length of body text for email copywriting,  accompanied by optimal CTAs;

8 – Define and apply the ideal font pairings for better readability and results;

9 – Create and program dynamic and interchangeable headers and footers according to the origin of the lead’s contact info in the email marketing tool Clang (Schoonenberg and/or World of Hearing). 

Results of Our Work

This project resulted in an exclusive email, part of a 360º marketing campaign (from print to digital), symbolizing the perfect merge between the Sennheiser and Schoonenberg universes. The look and feel were extremely high-tech, modern, and upbeat, embodying all emotions felt through music and sound—a great way to celebrate and promote Black Friday without falling into all the overused clichés.

In terms of clicks and conversions, the email campaign presented an acceptance rate of an impressive 99.63% and click rates and open rates of 53.83%, proving its effectiveness in customer engagement