CADI is an e-commerce fashion start-up from the rich textile country Portugal, launched in 2017. Their clothes embody exclusive and adventurous designs, that transmit uniqueness, femininity and confidence to their customers. After introducing their first stunning collection, sold exclusively via their own webshop, they asked JMR Digital to help with setting up a digital strategy and kick-starting execution to achieve their business goals of generating brand awareness & online sales.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Define the target audience for the CADI brand and generate awareness and engagement. Balance a relatively small advertising budget and cost-per-sale to generate a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) while increasingsales, ultimately turning customers into brand ambassadors.

Our Approach

Our Approach

1 -Translate CADI’s business goals into digital marketing KPIs.

2 - Create a customer persona, 'Ana', as a representative of the CADI target audience

3 - Use a cascading campaign strategy on social media to connect with the target audience, matching Ana's persona throughout each phase of their journey

4 - Implement tagging, tracking and reporting solutions for the campaigns and CADI’s Woocommerce platform in order to measure and optimize performance

5 - Balance campaign budgets, based on data gained through continuous testing, to increase engagement and sales while maintaining a positive return on ad spend (ROAS)

Results of Our Work

JMR identified key issues with user experience and webshop performance, leading to the launch of a V2 of the CADI webshop. Consequently, conversion rate increased by 58%, resulting in a160% ROAS.

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