HeardThat Remote Mic Kit – Packaging

HeardThat, created by Singular Hearing, is an award-winning app that uses the power of AI to separate speech from background noise, providing a solution to the ongoing  “cocktail-party" issue faced by many people with difficulties hearing speech in noisy areas. 

As a tool to expand the app's utility and impact on daily lives, HeardThat recently launched the HeardThat Remote Mic Kit. Specially engineered to work alongside the app, each kit has two small wireless mics, one microphone receiver, and a charging case for easy storage. This product is a great asset for extra speech clarity and clear communication.

The Challenge

Motivated by their passion for technology and innovation, and devoted to providing a great customer experience to every user of the Remote Mic Kit, HeardThat requested JMR Digital to design the kit’s packaging, taking into consideration the pre-established box dimensions and formats provided by the microphone’s manufacturer.

Our team’s challenge was creating eye-catching packaging that would represent the product itself, inserting it into the technological universe it is a part of, all while showcasing its main characteristics and mandatory elements. 

Our Approach

From the get-go, we intended to create a sleek-looking packaging, representative of the premium tech components and characteristics of the mic kit. 

  • We opted for a clean and minimal look with simple a black-to-blue gradient as the background, incorporating the brand’s colors with more modern and technological aesthetics;
  • We placed the product in the center of the packaging, allowing it to become our main focus and the center of attention;
  • Where needed, we developed simple icons for a quicker and easier understanding of the product’s features and functionalities;
  • For each icon, we chose to use slightly curvier lines that would match the HeardThat App elements and language;
  • We added the product name to both the front and the side of the box for customer clarity;
  • We incorporated a quick description of the contents of each kit on the side of the box as part of the product description;
  • We placed a QR code in the back of the box that would lead to a “download the app” page, allowing for a cross-selling technique. 

Results of our work

Our collaboration with HeardThat resulted in a sleek, and visually appealing, design that aligns with the brand's identity, bringing it a slightly more modern and tech twist. The clean aesthetic, intuitive icons, and strategic product placement enhance the comprehension of the product’s features.

Working with small spaces often associated with packaging electronics is a real test of design skill. We were very impressed with how JMR was able to incorporate all requisite copy points, images, and icons, into a polished, eye-catching design.
John Kenmuir

Tools we used

Illustrator | Photoshop